LearnDoubleEntry.org Handbook

Well, this is not a real handbook yet, rather just a collection of links to the most relevant blog posts or other relevant sources of information.


  1. A short introduction to DELT and LearnDoubleEntry.org - some notes about the project
  2. Terminology - the words we use, and why
  3. The license for the contents - why firms' contents are released under a Creative Commons License
  4. How you can help - what about being involved in the project?

For students and teachers of accounting

  1. Sample Exercise, #1 - a first exercise made by forking the system-provided Standard Firm, with its complete Chart of Accounts
  2. Sample Exercise, #2 - a second exercise, started with a completely new firm, without a Chart of Accounts, where you learn how to create accounts on the fly
  3. Sample Exercise, #3 - a third exercise, where you learn how to use a spreadsheet to prepare a journal entry
  4. Explanation of journal entries - where you see how you can get some automated explanations of what you did
  5. Multilingual Chart of Accounts - information about how to set up a multilingual Chart of Accounts
  6. A view of the General Ledger - how the General Ledger looks like
  7. Something about the Financial Statement and the Chart of Accounts' configuration - see how to configure things
  8. Transactions - how to record transactions with the provided tools
  9. Statement of Changes in Equity - how to prepare it, with a little recap and background information
  10. Templates to the rescue! - how to use templates and automatic generated entries work
  11. Smart comments - a way to add meaning to your accounts
  12. Slideshows - a different way to look at the journal entries
  13. Colors - what about colored accounts?

For developers

  1. About DELT's development and installation - something you might want to read if you are a developer and/or want to run your own private copy of the software
  2. DELT's database - what kind of database you can use, and how

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