Some ideas for further development

Here's a list of what we could do to improve this service, possibly with your help:

  • Prepare a handbook / tutorial (done, in the form of a collection of blog posts)
  • Create more firms to fork from, maybe in other languages (done, but not in other languages)
  • Add an automated explanation (transaction analysis) for each of a journal entry's postings (done)
  • Improve the way in which firms can be shared (done)
  • Add some import/export features (like, for instance, to/from spreadsheets or XBRL formats)
  • Add cash flow statement and financial ratios computation
  • Add statement of changes in equity (done)
  • Add a General Ledger page (done)
  • Make it possible to customize the style of accounts according to some classification (done, with CSS and classes)
  • Add accounting for not-for-profit organizations (partially done, but still not documented)
  • Make the site accessible from mobile devices
  • Develop some RESTful APIs for data management
  • Review the code, add unit and functional tests, add comments, etc.
  • Change export json format to HAL and/or JSON-LD
  • Enhance the HTML5 template, possibly applying Responsive Web Design concepts
  • Add OAuth login (done)
  • Add comments to core functions (partially done)
  • Produce source documentation with phpDoc (done, using Yii doc generator instead of phpDoc)
  • Add the possibility to prepare exercises/challenges for students (done)
  • Add value date for journal entries
  • Add export feature for the postings of a single account
  • Add classes in the exported values of the trial balance (done)
  • Add partial total amounts for the values of the trial balance, for selected items (done)
  • Add a synoptic journal
  • (... add your own ideas!)

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